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In 2024 Porada will attend Salone del Mobile by presenting a new collection, the Twenty-Four. The collection is developed in continuity with the past collections in terms of the kind of products proposed - including both new products and extensions of the collection - the materials used and the attention to detail.

The collection's inspiration comes from the culture and tradition of Italian middle class furniture from the 1970s, whose shapes, silhouettes and colours have been evolved in a contemporary key; in 2024, rust, green and navy blue are introduced, with new iridescent fabrics that recall a concept of contemporary and timeless elegance, while maintaining the materiality of the textures linked to the natural materials traditionally used by Porada in its production.

The collection includes chairs, armchairs and sofas, sideboards and coffee tables and beds, and is made up of real novelties or extensions of collections already present in the Porada catalogue (e.g. the Osmose collection, which expands with the new Oswood table).

As has happened a few times in the past, the Twenty-Four collection introduces the Ginkgo armchair by Niccolò Devetag, winner of the 2022 edition of the Porada International Design Award, professional category.