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How the concept of sustainability is integrated in the culture and processes of the company

.EXCELLENCE in meeting the needs of people and the planet and promoting incremental and sustainable innovation
.RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION of timber in accordance with the principles of good forest management
.SHORTER SUPPLY CHAINS thanks to the acquisition of forests in Burgundy, France
.EFFICIENCY as seen in the evolution and improvement of production processes, and the introduction of product innovations
.CIRCULARITY in the re-use of production waste to help the company become self-sufficient
.SHARED VALUE with the local community for the creation of a local supply chain of “made in Brianza” suppliers and subcontractors.DURABILITY for the long life cycle of the products

Our forest in Burgundy, France

"We transform wood into works of art. We were born from the earth in symbiosis with the nature around us, nourished by the soil"

– 220 hectares of forest in France, in the heart of Burgundy, purchased from 2011
– 15,900 m3 of ash and oak woods
– Enough to meet Porada’s production needs for the next 80 years

Energy efficiency
and circularity

"We are different but identical at the same time, our soul is guided by the wise hand of our people"

Photovoltaic system
activated in 2011 to satisfy all of the company’s electricity demand
700,000 kg of CO2 saved between 2012 and 2021
Wood processing waste reused as a source of heat energy

Made in Brianza

"We are the children of the longest-lasting relationship in the history of our planet: we are human and nature"

According to a vision of local sustainability, all Porada suppliers and subcontractors come from Brianza with the aim of cultivating and supporting the local supply chain. This also translates into environmental sustainability with shorter journeys for materials and reduced emissions.


"We are children of a perfect process, perpetual and necessary"

Porada’s R&D department carries out research and development into new materials which can increasingly improve the quality of its products while generating beneficial effects on the environment
Materials from the processing of polyurethane rubber are used alongside down in upholstered products
Water-based and solvent-free paints are used during lacquering
The packaging used in logistics is 100% recycled

Product durability

"We are destined to last in time, in a different form but maintaining our soul: a green soul"

All Porada products have been created to last, to survive fleeting trends and represent a long-term investment. Made from expertly crafted high-quality materials, they are destined to stand the test of time.

Focus on the next generation

“Everything is born from a love of wood”

Porada strongly believes in educating the next generation of designers and giving them the opportunity to collaborate with the company. This is the aim of the annual Porada International Design Award which, now in its eleventh year, is open to both students and professionals.
The competition enables designers to enter into direct contact with the company and Porada to examine creative and innovative ideas and solutions and evaluate which designs can be incorporated into the Porada collections.