The Halo collection of elegant table lamps is characterized by a strong graphic character. They appear as circular luminous sculptures that enclose a magnetic timeless space without gravity. The essential geometries play with the contrast of shapes and materials: the pewter grey finished metal ring intersects with the cylindrical sculptural base made of white Carrara marble, creating a game of volumes and highlighting the contrast between the linearity of the ring and the rigorous volume of the base.
The lamp is equipped with 30W warm light led lighting with a touch dimmer switch for intensity regulation. The minimalism of this table lamp makes it essential and authentic but also meaningful: The light illuminates even the darkest corners. Available in two different sizes, the Halo acts either as bedroom lamps or can be placed on a modern coffee table.


David Lorenzo Dolcini

David was born near Milan. His vision and approach to design comes from a combination of different educational and professional experiences abroad over the years.
After finishing his studies at Politecnico di Milano, he founded in 2007 his own brand DAVID DOLCINI STUDIO, which deals mainly with product and industrial design, interior design, exhibition design and art direction. Some of his works have been selected for international exhibitions and exhibited at Palazzo Arte della Triennale di Milano. In 2012 he opened a new base of operations in Valencia, Spain. His fruitful collaboration with Porada began in 2013 and since then he has designed some of the company’s iconic products, including Aria and Argo. The key points that characterize David’s methodological approach are: accurate and sartorial work, innovation, Italian identity and international openness.

“As to me, design is a magical balance. A process of synthesis able to condense the complexities of a project into an essential and organic product, but still full of meaning.”

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