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Porada is pleased to announce the opening of its first showroom in Paris, France. Located at 252 Boulevard Saint Germain, in the heart of the Parisian design district, the new showroom is spread over two levels for a total of 429 square metres fitted out with products from the Porada collections, especially the Twenty-Two highlights that play a key role in the proposed layout.

The ground floor welcomes visitors with living and dining spaces, where Porada collections are enriched by carpets from JoV. The lower floor, with a slightly dimmer light, features a softer and more intimate atmosphere to house the sleeping area, fully equipped with beds, dressing tables and a walk-in wardrobe. From the dining space to the bedrooms, via the living and office areas, the showroom set-up recalls a cozy and warm ambience, revealing Porada’s know-how and creativity, while the wide variety of items displayed reflects the brand’s ability to adapt to any context.

The new opening in France consolidates Porada's presence in French-speaking countries and its professional network of interior designers, architects and customers.

252 Boulevard Saint Germain

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 10-19
Saturday 10-14

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