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Visit our virtual showroom

Now you can visit our showroom without leaving the house.
The showroom is in Cabiate in Italy, on the same site where our office and workshop are, where all of our furniture pieces are made. It's a vast space, with room sets designed to inspire your projects. To visit the showroom simply click on the link below and follow the markings to move around between the spaces. In addition, you can also view extra information about each of the furniture pieces. You can also search the showroom by particular pieces you're looking for, to be taken to the specific room set. In the showroom, you will find living room, bedroom and dining room sets, as well as our walk-in wardrobes, bookcase designs that can be installed between spaces, and a wealth of decorative objects to add to your space.

We hope this will help you visualize your projects with Porada pieces in them, and that we can also inspire new solutions.