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Over the last few years, Porada has turned “Green Thinking” into something more than just a trend: it is a philosophy, a real commitment enriched with further initiatives year after year. The most recent one is the collaboration with Treedom, the first website to allow planting trees remotely, following online their story. Since its foundation in Firenze in 2010, more than 1.000.000 trees have been planted worldwide.

Porada Forest’s trees will initially be 1.000, planted between Ecuador, Tanzania, Madagascar and Kenya. 1.000,00 more will be added in 2022 and an additional 1.000 in 2023. A long-term project specifically aimed at giving back to nature what came from nature in terms of raw materials, in a perspective of gratitude and respect. Customers will become owners of these trees and will be able to follow their development over time. Planting trees in agro-forestry systems is the approach Treedom has chosen, focusing on care and maintenance that can last over the years and will not end with mere planting. It is an investment in the future, the same Porada will pursue in the next years.

Besides the reduction of CO2 emissions, the purpose of this project is to support the local economy of the countries our forest is located, providing a positive impact on both the environment and its inhabitants. Here is the reason why the initiative involves developing countries, where the benefits coming from tree planting can really make a difference.

To learn about our forest and discover its features, please visit the following link:

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