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Porada International Design Award 2017: THE WINNERS

The winners are announced for the contest sponsored by PORADA ARREDI srl and, under the patronage of ADI

1st PRIZE PROFESSIONAL (€ 3,000): "Sliding Plates" by Luca Giacomelli and Lorenzo Rossotti
1st PRIZE STUDENT (€ 2,000): "Noua" by Nicole Maccari and Serena Chillé

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Milan, December 2017 - Monday 4th December, in the charming setting of Villa del Grumello in Como, the jury of the PORADA INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARD 2017 have selected the winners of the competition, promoted by Porada Arredi srl, a leading company in the furniture accessories production industry, and, under the patronage of ADI, the Association for Industrial Design.

There are seven winners - four in the Professional category and three in the Student category - who were able to grasp the spirit of the competition by proposing a number of innovative and original projects based on the different types of tables: lounge tables, service tables, coffee tables and side tables, able to represent the distinctive values ​​of a key brand for Italian design such as Porada. In fact, the jury decided to award two shared prizes for the professional category, increasing the total prize money to € 12,000, which will be distributed as follows:

For the PROFESSIONAL category:
1st prize, € 3,000: Sliding Plates, by LUCA GIACOMELLI (Italy) and LORENZO ROSSOTTI (Italy);
2nd prize shared, € 2,000: Relaz, by ALESSIO BIAVA (Italy);
2nd prize shared, € 2,000: Cycle, by YU HIRAOKA (Japan);
3rd prize, € 1,000: Leo, by SIMONE ALBERTO GERBINO (Italy).

For the STUDENT category:
1st prize, € 2,000: Noua, by NICOLE MACCARI (Italy - Politecnico di Milano, Industrial Product Design) and SERENA CHILLÉ (Italy - Politecnico di Milano, Product Service System Design);
2nd prize, € 1,200: Fly, by ANDREA PEDULLI (Italy - Politecnico di Milano, Integrated Product Design);
3rd prize, € 800:  Torii, by NICOLÓ DEVETAG (Italy - Politecnico di Milano, Design & Engineering).

In addition to the seven winning projects, the Jury has reserved three special mentions to the following projects: Odiyn by AYSE YAKAR (Turkey - Politecnico di Milano, Architectural Design) for the Students category, and Fido by GABRIELE VELLA (Italy) and Bearing Table by TOM FEREDAY (Australia) for the Professionals category.

They are all works of outstanding quality, which stood out to the judicial panel from the 209 projects submitted: 101 in the professional category and 108 in the student category. There were many submissions from Italy, but there was an equally positive international response: Australia, Japan, Iran, South America, Eastern Europe and Turkey were just some of the nations involved.

The winner of the Professional category was Sliding Plates, which was chosen by the jury because, in bringing out a playful element in the interaction with the user, it was able to combine attention to detail, appropriate choice of materials and fluent modification in the product configuration, fully interpreting the philosophy of Porada furniture. In fact, the unique characteristic of the product designed by Luca Giacomelli and Lorenzo Rossotti is its three, freestanding, supporting surfaces, which can be turned independently. This allows you to change the shape of the table and gives the object an element of "play" that the user can exploit at will, meaning you are able to change the configuration of your living space with just a single piece of furniture.

Nicole Maccari and Serena Chillé, students at the Politecnico di Milano, have been awarded the first prize in the Student category with Noua. The members of the jury particularly recognised "the innovative multifunctionality [of the project], combined with the simplicity of use and the coupling of different materials, whose polite aesthetic fits well with the company products".

In fact, Noua can work both as a coffee table, thanks to the built-in, removable tray; as a clutter-collector, thanks to a section carved out under the tray; and as a magazine rack, thanks to a folded sheet of metal, which also acts as a support for the entire table.

The  jury  was made up of well-known experts in the field including Bruno Allievi (Chief Executive Officer at Porada), Tiziano Allievi (Partner at Porada), Roberto de Paolis (, Manuela Garbin (Designer), Zheng Lingjian (CEO & Chief designer at Taizhou Pinzhen design Co., Ltd), Mao Mingjing (CEO & Chief designer at Shanghai Maudea interior design engineering Ltd), Francesca Taroni (Director of Living), Gerhard Amann (Publisher of  H.O.M.E), Tina Mahony (Director of Go Modern, London) and Ghada Al Sayed (Design Principal & Partner at Horizon Interiors , Manama, Bahrain). To evaluate the works the jury considered their originality, their degree of innovation, and research into new design solutions concerning the typical processing of solid wood, experimentation with materials and surface finishes, the ability of projects to define and anticipate scenarios of use, and innovative concepts for the use of wooden furniture and contemporary furnishing accessories, with particular regard to typological, technological and morphological resolutions.

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