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PORADA exclusive “LA VENDEMMIA” event- Milano MonteNapoleone District

MonteNapoleone District and Porada, amongst the Global Luxury Brands of via MonteNapoleone, Verri, Sant’Andrea, Santo Spirito, Bagutta, Gesù, Borgospesso, San Pietro all’Orto and via della Spiga,  join forces with some of the world’s most prestigious wineries in an evening devoted to welcoming guests with exclusive wine tastings in their boutiques and showrooms. The partnership between Porada and Rigoloccio winery leads to a very special event dedicated to two Italian excellences: wine and design. In the spaces of Porada’s monobrand showroom the Nineteen collection becomes the perfect setting for a relaxing glass of wine guided by Rigoloccio’s sommeliers. Made in Italy at its best!

Thursday 10th October from 7.30 pm

Our partners
The idea was to create a great winery and a driving force for the local economy, just as the ancient mine Rigoloccio did for the mining industry. So, the adventure of the Rigoloccio estate began. It was the dream of two friends from Maremma, who in 2002 bought 23 hectares of land at the foot of Monte Calvo near the village of Gavorrano. In a place where majestic creeks and centuries-old olive trees surround 9 hectares of vineyards, the pair made a bold choice right out of the gate: They decided to make Bordeaux blends using grapes grown by Super Tuscan standards. Agronomist Pierre Marie Guillaume and winemaker Fabrizio Moltard joined the project, understanding the potential of the territory and the focus on French varieties. The choice was successful, with Rigoloccio becoming one of the most characteristic companies of the Consorzio Tutela Vini della Maremma Toscana, as evidenced by the national awards received.In 2017, Rigoloccio went through a drastic transformation, under new ownership that restructured the entire operation, architecturally, operationally and productionally.

MonteNapoleone District represents the more than 150 Global Luxury Brands present in the streets of Montenapoleone, Sant’Andrea, Verri, Santo Spirito, Gesù, Borgospesso and Bagutta, promoting the excellence of some of the world’s most successful companies. The association’s aim is to plan, organise and run events of various types - cultural, charitable and commercial - to sustain the growth and quality of trade and services and benefit both associates and their clients. Telling the world about the exclusive streets of the Fashion Quadrilateral - not merely as a temple to shopping and lifestyle, but also as a place where history, tradition, creativity and innovation come together - also enhances the quality of goods and services and thus consolidates Milan’s leading position internationally. Porada has been part of the association since the opening of its showroom in via Borgospesso 18.

Laura Allievi