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Porada’s international work in the contract sector testifies to that rare mix between style, functionality, and cosmopolitism.

Capturing the local color, the genius loci, and respecting the deepest needs of clients, the most ambitious and complex contract projects are woven for hotels, restaurants, lounges, offices, and shared spaces. These are projects crafted through painstaking studies that aim to establish unique moods and atmospheres, with an unforgettable interior design for patrons, guests and final clients. For years, the staff at Porada has dedicated themselves to honing their expertise and passion for the contract sector, from the design phase to the final tweaks just before handing over a finished product, respecting the qualitative standards that have long been the company’s philological fil rouge. Early on, Porada’s refined collections marked by the use of solid wood were available only for the home, but with time — and a sweeping sense of globalization — the brand’s lines were enriched with new accessories, materials, and concepts to be adapted for the cosmopolitan connotations of business spaces and those dedicated to the greater collective. Today, the contract department of Porada, which in time has grown to generate 25% of the company’s revenue, develops international projects with important partners for demanding clients enamored by the Made in Italy label. Here then, lounge areas, hotel rooms, restaurant halls and offices overflow with the Porada style, maintaining their own personality and identity within unique contexts. With this in mind, we explore several prized productions scattered across the world.

The client for this penthouse wanted an overall design that could fuse the classic and contemporary, achieving a warm and welcoming atmosphere that keeps its distance from the ultra-modern, which often remains aseptic. Studio Meha Art & Interiors was inspired most of all by the European design trends and by the beauty of wood, an essential element of the interior design. For the client, an avid traveler, it was important to marry technology with a warm and comfortable elegance. The final goal of the studio was to create a comfortable and timeless living space embellished with diverse colors and textures relying on help from the best design brands around the world, who collaborated together to guarantee the integration of super hi-tech devices with various home accessories. Among these brands is Porada, who played a key role with its solid wood furnishings flaunting a masterful mix alongside other materials, lending the atmosphere an engaging, luminous, and timeless elegance.

Buxmead, in London, is an award-winning complex including three penthouses, two two-floor apartments and eleven lateral apartments on a lot stretching 2.5 hectares with private landscaped gardens and services including a 25 meter indoor pool, a spa, and cinema. Within this luxurious context, Porada has inserted various custom-made pieces, like beds and their headboards, the Bigné and Bilot nightstands, and the Afrodite desk — comfortable and versatile to meet the home-office needs that current events have required. Here, it’s a luxury composed of details, which is easily identified with the timeless style of Porada.

This hotel with a facade in wood sits in Haute-Savoie, Megève, a cheerful village in the French Alps. Creamy beige tones establish themselves among the wood, which emerges in furnishings, panels, doors, windows, and fireplaces. Porada contributed to the furniture design of the space, with several of its key pieces introducing stylistic details to set the project apart. In various atmospheres of the hotel, we find the Bignè nightstand in solid ash wood with a top in marble or wood, while the rooms welcome the Bilot side table featuring a structure in solid Canaletta walnut. Also in the rooms are Saffo desks, with drawers in Canaletta walnut, practical compartments and hidden cable management for working in complete comfort.

In the magical land of Provence, in Cassis, facing over the Mediterranean, the Hotel Les Roches Blanches flaunts terraces with absolutely breathtaking views. Paired with bright colors reflecting the pure light of the sea are alternating tones of wood in all the rooms, an element synonymous with Porada, who in addition to the Ziggy tables, nightstands and desks in solid wood, has also lent the space their Noemi chairs in Canaletta walnut and fabric cladding along with the comfortable Ara armchair, complete with light pillows to match the overall feel.

The Andy chair becomes the star of the breakfast and bar area at the charming Hotel Rochester, which faces the Champs Elysées of Paris. The chair from Porada, with its frame in solid ash wood and fabric lining in ochre and white selected by the client pair perfectly with the warm atmosphere of the Rochester and the classic style complete with sharp contemporary accents. Also present on-site are the Webby stools, featuring a base in solid wood and a chair with capitonnée detailing.

A managerial office in the heart of Moscow with a warm and relaxing atmosphere comes with wood panelling and furnishings, among which the Infinity table stands out with its gorgeous base and round table top — both in solid wood. Infinity is then surrounded by the practical Heather swivel armchairs. Guests can also sit on the soft Kirk sofa with a removable cover to read a magazine, illuminated by the Gru lamp. In the meeting rooms, Kvadro bookcases are placed with their elegant wood shelves while various other Porada elements, including the Elis chairs, are spaced throughout this smart environment testifying to the refinement of the Made in Italy label.

The inviting nuances of orange dominate the atmospheres of the Voyages Restaurant in Macao, where a menu from chef Alain Ducasse whet’s the appetite. Of course, the dishes of Ducasse should be tasted in complete comfort, and so the Ella chair by Porada proves to be the perfect solution for welcoming guests. With its comfortable armrests and solid frame in Canaletta walnut, the upholstered chair flaunts a unique form that can be inserted within “gourmet” spaces, just like the Trunk table, with its solid wood base and tempered crystal top.