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The three brand new ADV pages of Porada “Learn, live, dream” campaign feature the pieces of the successful Seventeen collection, launched in Milan in April 2017 and presented also in the following major international exhibitions.

Two single pages and a double one, which represent everyday life moments in elegant and unmistakable environments.

The double page is magnificent and bright with the Kirk sofa as the unconditional main character of the scene. In the background we have the Dalida bookshelf, the Thayl table with the Ella chairs and the Gary lamp. A modern, cozy and sophisticated house, never pretentious, but capable to meet everyone’s needs. There are not only aesthetic perfection, attention to the details and precious materials, but also functionality and comfort.

A group of friends populates the scene. They all share the passion for a sport rich in tradition, but contemporary at the same time: golf. A fair portrait of Porada values anchored to the tradition, but always addressed to the future

In the single pages, instead, there are a bedroom, where the Nyan bed and Bayus night table stand out, and a dining room made unique by the Thayl table and Ella chairs. Just like in the double page, the everyday life scenes occur in a warm and refined environment. Coffee, which is a daily loyal partner for every Italian, is a recall to the “Made in Italy”. Porada made an emblem out of the Italian taste and artisan skills, so we like to recognize ourselves also in these small details.

These pictures will support Porada throughout the important year of its 70th anniversary. A good way to remember our origins with the satisfaction of whom made a long path.