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2024 sees the launch of the second chapter of Porada’s Green Soul visual campaign, creating a new reflection on the theme that first captured the brand’s essence in 2022.

The starting point of the campaign is nature’s primary importance in the company's choices and ethos. It translates into the use of noble raw materials (first and foremost, wood) and responsible choices such as using the FSC-certified forests for the supply of American walnut or the purchase of forests in France starting from 2011 to responsibly manage the the ash supply chain.

What has changed, in the evolution of the Green Soul campaign, is the role that nature takes on within the shots. If in the original Green Soul campaign, nature was - together with the products - the protagonist of an industrial scene, in the new shots, nature enters homes, coexisting in residential environments with their inhabitants. 

Stephan Julliard, an internationally renowned French photographer specialising in interior images, shot the campaign. "Photographing Porada's new campaign in a historic building was a unique experience bringing together art and history; the challenge was to capture the finesse and functionality of Porada's creations, seeking the best angle, the best lens and constructing a play of light conducive to highlighting their forms and aesthetic," says Julliard, who concludes, "Beyond the technical aspects, it was also a question of apprehending the soul of Porada — their passion for wood, a palette of subtle, sober colors, elegant fabrics, and their desire to create furniture that is at once practical and beautiful”.

The concept of Green Soul 2024 echoes the world of Porada’s values, highlighting both the products’s design and their essence. As is typical of the company's DNA, the shots present a heterogeneity of products and collections (especially the most recent ones, notably Twenty-Two and Twenty Three) highlighting their versatility and elegance.

"The Green Soul 2024 campaign represents an evolution of the relationship between nature and the domestic environment," adds Ofelia Fornaciari, Porada's style manager. "This is how the story of the products is told - through that primordial encounter”.

Seven advertising shots (three doubles and four singles) will be presented in international magazines from April 2024.