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Trait Catalogue

“Nature, the most perfect of all homes, teaches us how to create exclusive places, where shape and function coexist and enhance one another. In each of our products it is possible to find a trait, a trace of the bigger idea that is the home. Materials, wise minds and expert hands contribute to the creation of unique pieces, which belong exclusively to those who can truly appreciate them. Behind a design there’s a story, inside a product there’s a soul.”

With these words, Porada is delighted to introduce the new catalogue Trait. It’s a window into Porada’s world of endless design possibilities which come to life with its meticulously crafted, contemporary pieces of furniture. The company’s design portfolio has become richer over the years, with the introduction of new pieces for the bedroom, an array of upholstered items, new lighting systems and also rugs. Whilst Porada’s expertise in furniture making and the love of wood remain at the heart of the company, it now extends further – into creating a complete Porada home, warm and comfortable, contemporary and design-led, highly customisable and designed to last for years to come.  


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