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Porada International Design Award 2018: The winners

The winners are announced for the contest sponsored by PORADA ARREDI srl and, under the patronage of ADI
1st PRIZE PROFESSIONAL (€ 3,000): ): "Screen" by Simone Alberto Gerbino, Italy
1st PRIZE STUDENT (€ 2,000): "Ninfea" by Niccolò Devetag, Italy,  

Milan, December  2018 – Friday 14th December, in the charming setting of Villa del Grumello in Como, the jury of the PORADA INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARD 2018 have selected the winners of the competition, promoted by Porada Arredi srl, a leading company in the furniture accessories production industry, and, under the patronage of ADI, the Association for Industrial Design.
There are six winners – three in the Professional category and three in the Student category – who were able to grasp the spirit of the competition by proposing a number of innovative and original projects based on the different types of writing desks and dressing tables, able to represent the distinctive values of a key brand for Italian design such as Porada.  

The total prize money of 10.000 € will be distributed as follows:  
For the PROFESSIONAL category:
1st prize: € 3.000:  "Screen",  Simone Alberto Gerbino, Italy
2nd prize: € 2.000: "Whirl",  Ufuk Seçgel, Ayşe Serbest, Turkey
3rd prize: € 1.000:  "Odette",  Arianna Vivenzio, Italy
For the STUDENT category:
1st prize: € 2.000: "Ninfea", Niccolò Devetag (Italy) Design & Engineering, Scuola del Design, Politecnico di Milano
2nd prize:  "Punti di Vista",  Chiara Molinari (Italy) Product Design, Scuola del Design, Politecnico di Milano
3rd prize: "Split Table",  Nguyen Vuong (Vietnam), Industrial Design, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, United States of America.

In addition to the six winners projects, the Jury has reserved one special mention to the project Colombo by Sharon Mazzini (Italy), Product Design, IAAD - Istituto d'Arte Applicata e Design, Turin for the Students category.  

They are all works of outstanding quality, which stood out to the judicial panel from the 366 projects submitted: 215 in the professional category and 151 in the students category. There were many submissions from Italy, but there was an equally positive international response: Turkey, Iran, France, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, United States of America, Australia, Serbia, Japan are just some of the nations involved.  

Screen won the competition for the Professional category. It has been chosen by the jury because it configures functional ambivalence (can be used both as a dressing that as a desk) defining, through the series of circular strips in canaletta solid walnut, a scenic backdrop, a diaphragm, which determines, both in intimate delimitation of the domestic private space that in the more extensive of the spaces of the contract, a more collected and defined place. The processing of solid wood, the absolute protagonist of the furnishing identity, the coupling with different materials (brushed brass, opaque black metal), the nuanced references to archetypes of the history of architecture and design, give the project appreciable quality of elegance and sense of measure that enhance, even in aesthetic-functional innovation, the prestige of the construction tradition of wooden furniture.

Niccolò Devetag, student at Politecnico di Milano, was instead awarded the prize in the Student category with Ninfea.
Drawing inspiration from the atmospheres and intimacy of the Japanese furnishings, the project was able to interpret, with a formal research balanced by the constant attention to the typical production processes of the company, the distinctive characteristics of Porada showing, in organic forms and in the elegance of details, the expressive strength of solid wood associated with other ennobled materials. The object has a considerable flexibility of use (depending on the needs, the frame can hold a mirror, a shelf or support a lamp) and, particularly appreciated, the valuable manufacture of the cylindrical drawer recessed in the top, recalls, in the preciousness of the inlay, the traditional skill of Brianza artisans.  

The  jury  was made up of well-known experts in the field including Bruno Allievi (CEO Porada), Tiziano Allievi (Associate Porada), Brian Buchard (Photographer), Roberto de Paolis (, Antonio Maciá Mateu (Architect and Professor), Ettore Mocchetti (Editor of AD Italy), Toru Oshige (Executive Officer/Marketing General Manager of Actus, Japan), Leon Sun (Editor of Elle Decoration China) e Bruno Tarsia (Architect and Stylist). To evaluate the works the jury considered their originality, their degree of innovation, and research into new design solutions concerning the typical processing of solid wood, experimentation with materials and surface finishes, the ability of projects to define and anticipate scenarios of use, and innovative concepts for the use of wooden furniture and contemporary furnishing accessories, with particular regard to typological, technological and morphological resolutions.  

More details on the winning projects are available on the website and on the page.

Porada International Design Award 2018
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Promoted by PORADA ARREDI srl and, under the patronage of ADI, the Association for Industrial Design.
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