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Announced the winners of the contest sponsored by PORADA ARREDI srl and, under the patronage of ADI

1st PRIZE PROFESSIONAL (€ 3.000): “Concept Balcony ” by Philipp Schaake
1st PRIZE STUDENT (€ 2.000): “Orbita ” by Luca Nodari
Total prize money: € 10.000

Milan, February 2016 – Friday, February 5, in the wonderful setting of the eighteenth‐century building Palazzo Natta, venue of the Como Campus of the Politecnico di Milano, the jury of PORADA INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARD 2015 selected the winners of the contest sponsored by Porada Arredi srl, a leading company from Como in the production of furnishing accessories, and, Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano, under the patronage of ADI, the Association for Industrial Design.
Six winners ‐ 3 in the Professional category and the same number in that of Student ‐ who were able to capture the spirit of the competition by offering innovative and original projects on the different types of Media Units: TV cabinets, decoder support for Hi‐Fi and TV, multimedia furniture, plasma or LCD panels support, able to represent the distinctive values of a leading brand of Italian design such as that of Porada.

The total prize money of € 10.000 will be allocated as follows:

1st prize, € 3.000: Concept Balcony, by Philipp Schaake (Germany)
2nd prize, € 2.000: Tronco, by Libero Rutilo (Italy)
3rd prize, € 1.000: Equilibrio, by Ivana Cvetković Lakoš (Croatia)

STUDENT Category:
1st prize, € 2.000: Orbita, by Luca Nodari (Politecnico di Milano, Como Campus)
2nd prize, € 1.200: Beat, by Francesco Orsini (Politecnico di Milano, Como Campus)
3rd prize, € 800: Idolo, by Cristina Muto (Politecnico di Milano, Como Campus)

In addition to the six winning projects, the jury reserved two special mentions to the projects Facet by Samuela Naticchi, for the Student category, and Orizzonte by Maksim Nizov (Russia), for the Professional category.
They are all works of outstanding quality, able stand out from the 156 projects submitted to the judicial panel: 91 in the Professional category and 65 in the Student category. Numerous submissions by Italian designers, but also on the international front: Iran, Ukraine, Greece, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Indonesia and Japan are just some of the nations involved.
The winning entry in the Professional category is that of Concept Balcony, a piece of furniture for Hi‐Fi, TV and multimedia devices made of walnut wood, chosen by the jury for its formal elegance and its ability to foresee user‐friendly usage scenarios . The product created by the German designer Philipp Schaake actually finds its distinctive feature in "area Balcony": a particular area covered in linoleum, placed on the front of the piece of furniture, which enables users to conveniently store remote controls or mobile phones without having to open the doors, and to easily recharge devices using its own power cable.
The Italian Luca Nodari is the winner of the Student category: a student, at Politecnico di Milano, claimed first prize with Orbita, a Media Unit whose structure, orbital in fact, allows the elements that constitute it to rotate around a pivot, always creating different shapes of the object.
Inspired by the radio designs of the 1960s and 70s, Orbita is composed of a base, with two rotary structures in walnut and a steel tube equipped with a strip of leather pockets: the jury decided to reward this project specifically for the versatility of the possible configurations of the object that open up, for the manufacturing company, potential diversified marketing scenarios.

The jury, formed by renowned industry experts including Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis (Dean of the School of Design ‐ Politecnico di Milano), Roberto de Paolis (Professor of Design – Politecnico di Milano), Bruno Allievi (CEO Porada Arredi srl), Tiziano Allievi (Porada Arredi srl Associate), LLoyd Scott (President of Scott&Cooner, USA), Charles Glain (Interior Architect, Managing Partner and Director of Design of IDS, Jordan), Annalise Fard (Harrods Director of Home & Beauty), Suzanne Imre (Editor of Living Etc Uk), Fumiya Ohno (Director of Akira Kuryu Architect & Associates Co, Ltd) and Cinzia Felicetti (Editor of Marie Claire Maison Italy), in assessing the works has taken into account their originality, their degree of innovation and pursuit of new design solutions related to the processes typically used for solid wood, their experimentation with materials and surface finishes, the capacity of projects to define and anticipate scenarios of use and innovative concepts in the use of wooden furniture and contemporary furnishings, with particular regard to typological, technological and morphological decisions.

During the working session of the jury, finally, the artist Filippo Borella, from Cabiate, presented the recognitions that will be delivered to the winners at an awards ceremony. They are real “artists’ multiples”: a typological reinterpretation of the classic bookstand, made with a multilayer of walnut sheets, aluminum, plexiglas and magnets, inspired by a cartographic reading of the Cabiate territory, home of Porada company.