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How would it be possible to translate the essence of an over seventy years old reality into a minute of images that tells us “everything”? This is the challenge that the Director Jacopo Rondinelli and the Creative Director Marco Pianigiani needed to face for the new Porada’s video. Images with a big visual impact that represent the elements of a Porada piece of furniture, in a black, elegant, and silent limbo, a universe full of visual and auditory emotions. A symbolic “Big Bang” that gives origin to the Porada’s world. From the wood to the home, emphasizing all that comes in between: not only related to the manufacturing, but also to the soul and the deep values. Visual compositions in which the elements like wood, dust and marble become universe, panorama, and space. Step by step, the matter becomes more tangible and shows the final product, like the long story that is behind every single Porada’s unit, from a drawing on paper until inside the house of the person who will choose it. Few simple words that highlight the poetical path of the images, to reach the essence.
“Where you see furniture, we see a home”

Director: Jacopo Rondinelli, Director of Photography:  Michele Brandstetter, Creative Director: Marco Pianigiani, Screenwriter: Laura Allievi, Executive Producer: Alex Niccolai, Producer: Alex Marciuc, Music and Sound Design: Giulia Monti e Carmelo Patti, 1st AC: Sonia Veronelli, Ronin Operator: Andrea Gabella, Key Grip: Francesco Aroni, Grip: Simone Tisacchi, SFX Team: Moviechrome SFX, SFX : Patrizio Todisco, SFX : Andrea Bonomi, SFX Assistant: Francesco Aroni, Gaffer: Gianluigi Pasquali, Electrician: Diana Hernandez, 2nd Electrician: Ruben Israel, Stylist: Nicolò Grossi, Hair & Make-Up Artist: Rossella Villa, Tech Service: Moviechrome, Studios: Moviechrome, Moviechrome Supervisor: Alberto Braga