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Moscow keeps being for Porada one the most important event of the year. The perfect venue to show the company’s real profile, the moment to reveal the great quality of our products. That’s why this year we’ve decided to study a stand that could represent our roots and our biggest passion: wood.

We know wood very well, we find the best forests in the world and we choose the finest trunks and we dry them up in our factory. Then we ask to our team of designer to study pieces where wood is the protagonist. After this process we obtain an authentic Porada item. For the new collection we are using canaletta walnut and ash , two kinds of wood that can really show off an inimitable natural beauty. The fabric colors are all the shadows of green, the perfect match with our wood, a direct reference to nature, where all our job origins. We keep having a deep connection with modernity but the use of wood gives a touch of warmth and elegance that usually the minimal modern pieces of furniture don’t have. The most iconic piece that we are presenting in Moscow is for sure Gheo, a sculture more than a simple dining table, where all the magic of wood stands out through the glass. 

Our way to say that we keep believing in tradition and that we can afford the challenges of our times using the experience we have developed in more than 50 years.

HALL 8 STAND D08 - E 09
CROCUS / I Saloni Worldwide

Laura Allievi
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