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Let's give the right space to solitude: desks and writing desks

Stephen King works reclining the chair, feet on the desk, locked in his study to which no one in the family has access. Agatha Christie instead sat on a stiff wooden chair by the window where she had approached a semicircular desk that she kept ordered, on it only the typewriter.You do not need to be a writer of bestsellers or literary masterpieces to deserve a space all for yourself at home, where you can put the agenda of appointments, or write emails.

The desk is more often than not a private piece of furniture, reserved for a single inhabitant of the house who makes it his own. Drawers and small compartments hide objects or cards that are not to be lost, that should not be shared with others.The desk is a splendid piece of furniture. Those made by Porada are all elegant, but their figure is certainly eclectic: although intended for the living area, they can also find space in the bedroom or in a large entrance. This, of course, if you do not have a studio space available where to fix it, close the door behind you to find some intimacy.

The desire of many is instead that of an enveloping executive desk, an important piece of furniture both for its aesthetic impact and for its function. Useful for those who work from home, or who often bring home work to finish. In the end the small personal desk or a large desk are two different ways, but not opposed, to mean privacy.Your desk must be able to be for life. It is adopted forever. This is why it can only be a piece of furniture of the highest quality: like those in walnut by Porada, perhaps with leather inserts and precious visible stitching, or essential with crystal and steel elements.