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Our showroom at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, London, has been totally refurbished for the 10th anniversary since its opening.

Ten collections have followed one another since the showroom opening: the timeless nature of Porada products allows the pieces from various collections to harmoniously coexist within one space. It is the company’s stylistic soul and the choices of materials, masterfully interpreted by Porada’s network of designers, that represent the common thread among all the products.

The showroom’s refurbishment allowed the introduction of many items from the Twenty-Three collection, elegantly displayed. At the entrance a couple of Calin armchairs together with the Callisto Mix Wood coffee table. The Osmose table – in its new rounded version with Carrara marble legs – is mixed with the Frida and the Molly chairs; then the Sansiro table in its rectangular version. In the living area are displayed the Klem sofa, the Tillow coffee tables and the Amarantha armchair. The Softbay Max bed it’s the main star of the night area.

Accurate stylistic choices have been made by our stylist: warm and welcoming tones to amplify the feeling of home, combination of different materials and balancing of solid and void, organic and sinuous shapes – a clear reference to the nature and the lines of the new collection, material textures in harmony with finishes and essences.

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